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Officials Harm The Public When They Ignore The DETAILS!

Why does it seem, so little, of – consequence, is ever achieved, by our elected officials? We keep hearing and seeing the same obstacles, year – after – year, and decade – after – decade! Too often, those we elect, seem, far – more concerned, with their personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, than with, proactively, making the most – difficult decisions, instead of resorting to procrastination!

5 Examples Of Fine – Line Interpretations In Public Life!

Although, few things, may be, as annoying, how often, do we witness, someone, wrap = himself, in the Flag, when he considers it, advantageous, to him, personally? Unless, you are burying – your – head – in – the – sand, you must, realize, these actions, are, at least, hypocritical, and, often, potentially, dangerous! One can’t apply, one set of standards, when it agrees, with his opinions, but, another, when, it doesn’t!

5 Key Reasons, Trump Became So Powerful!

Those, who, either, politically, opposed, the policies, ideas, etc, of former – President Donald Trump, or, can’t seem to understand, why, his core supporters, and his political influence, was/ is, so significant, etc, fail, to learn, from the past four years! Certainly, he was not the smartest, most prepared, qualified, capable, or honorable, individual, who has ever, held that position, but, in many ways, he was, one of the most influential! Unless/ until, we learn, what made him, so powerful, and followed, and so many, continue, being ardent supporters, the concept of liberty, and justice, for all, may be, in…

Shouldn’t Public Officials FIGHT For You?

If, you have, often, felt/ been disappointed, with the level of service, and representation, genuine integrity, and, willingness, to prioritize, the greater good, rather than their personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, you aren’t alone! Unfortunately, however, instead of proceeding, to focus on creating a meeting – of – the – minds, for the common good, most people, resort to blaming, and complaining, rather than, proactively, seeking, to elect, individuals, who emphasize, serving the best – interests, of our citizens, and the relevant, sustainable, needs, into, the future! Wouldn’t it, be nice, if our public officials, truly, FOUGHT, for you?…

We Need To Elect Public Leaders, Willing To DIRECT Us, Properly!

Although, we often, witness, many people, complain about elected officials, it seems, only, rarely, does the electorate, take the time, and/ or, make a concerted effort, to demand, these individuals, are, ready, willing, and able, to, consistently, correctly, DIRECT us, on the right course, and direction, to make this nation, the best it can, be, today, and, into the future! It is, not, enough, for elected representatives, to, simply, do the same – old, same – old, instead of putting their personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, ahead of the nation’s, best – interests! With, that in mind, this article…

6 Essential Components Of Needed Infrastructure!

Recently, much attention, and debate, has occurred, about a potential legislation, aimed, at addressing, both, over – due, necessities, and deteriorating conditions, as well as well – considered, necessities, into the future! When Joe Biden, ran for President, one of his campaign promises, was, to address, American’s failing infrastructure, as well as bring America – Back – Stronger! Unfortunately, as, with, so many things, in Washington, D.

Me – Too Was Needed, But Has It Gone Too – Far?: 4 Considerations!

Over, the past – few, decades, we have witnessed, an additional emphasis, on what, many refer to, as, PC, or supposedly, politically – correct! One component of this, has become, known, as the movement, referred, to, as, the Me – Too, movement, which, basically, emphasizes, treating women, with the degree of respect, and fairness, they deserve, and eliminating, the often – witnessed, sexual harrassment! While, this is, certainly, needed, and necessary, some feel, it may, have gone, too – far, because, it seems, we are expected to trust a woman’s word, when she accuses, a man, even, when there is limited (or…

Why Americans Need To Elect People Who HOPE?

Although, there were many differences, between, the messaging, rhetoric, actions, and apparent priorities, during 2017, through, 2020, under the direction, of President Donald Trump, one of the essential concepts, and a major difference, was, while, most of his predecessors, communicated a message, of HOPE, possibilities, and the value/ values, of the American way of life, Trump’s emphasis, seemed to be, more polarizing, and adversarial, in – nature! When our citizens, are hopeful, and believe, we are moving, in a direction, which, aligns with all our Constitutional guarantees, rather than, merely, selectively, we all benefit, and so does the United States! It seems,…

The Crisis

The years of inner turmoil have already begun. What many thought the first half of the 21st century would bring are now even more perplexed by the complexities of life today. Amid the inadequacies of government to deal with this rising continuation of the Covid-19 pandemic and the rush to administer a so-called vaccine to the whole population all have contributed to the ongoing catastrophe of this pandemic.

It’s Time For America, To Become The UNITED States!

If, you believe, as many others, appear – to, today’s America, seems to, have lost its way, and, potentially, its identity, as the voice of freedom, throughout the free – world, you are, not – alone! Slowly, but, progressively, too may people, seemed to put, their own, personal/ political agenda, ahead of the needs, and best interests, of our nation, and the planet, etc! We have reached a point, where, unless, we take, meaningful, relevant, sustainable actions, especially, related to, everything, related to, the environment, Climate Change – dangers, Constitutional guarantees, and protecting all our rights and freedoms, for -…

4 Considerations When Evaluating News Reports!

Years ago, before the growth of the internet, cable television, streaming, etc, most of us, relied upon, a combination of newspapers, and trusted (by us) news reporters, to provide us, with the news of the day! While, it probably, was, at – best, incomplete, then, we were not inundated, with the degree of conspiracy theories, and biased, fake news, as we are today! While, we find out, about things, in a much – more, timely manner, unfortunately, too many people, end up, relying upon some else’s opinion, attitude, political/ personal agenda, and/ or, purposely, false reports (or distorted/ biased), instead…

5 Differences Between Common And Political Sense!

Why does, it, often, appear/ seem, politics, politicians, political agenda, self – interest/ greed, etc, interfere, with the ability of many public officials, to proceed, with the necessary degree, of, genuine, necessary, common sense? Remember, what makes, political sense, may, or may not, be the best, most logical, effective, efficient, responsive, responsible, and relevant, course of action, and associated planning! There are many examples, of why, this matters, and, how often, it often, occurs, but, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 specific differences, between common and political sense, and why it is significant.

6 Rational Fears About America’s Future!

After, the events of the past – four (or, so) years, where the level of vitriol, and polarization, seem, higher than ever, before, in recent memory, it is no wonder, many, have rational fears, about America’s future! While, the degree of this obstacle, are, certainly, more, far – reaching, than, simply, these, most – recent/ current events, unless/ until, we begin, to look at the bigger – picture, and elect public officials, focused on serving all current and potential, future obstacles/ challenges, rather than merely, their own, self – interest, and personal/ political agenda, having several concerns (even, fears), about…

Don’t Trust Any Public Official, Who Won’t Address Infrastructure: 4 Examples

Although, most Americans, and the nation, often, pride – itself, on being, a beacon, in many areas, for the rest of the world, we have observed, while many others, seem to be realizing the need, and necessity, to constantly, continuously, proactively, address, and maintain, its infrastructure, recent studies state, the United States, ranks, at – best, 17th, when it comes to this area! Unfortunately, as, in, so many areas, in recent years, partisan politics, and a seeming – unwillingness, to attempt to achieve any meeting – of – the – minds, for the greater good, even, when it makes common…

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