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Inspiring Greatness in Your Employees

One of the most important tasks you, as a business owner, will undertake is getting employees to buy into your vision for the company and take ownership over their roles. An uninspired workforce can tank a company’s productivity and financial growth faster than almost anything else. The people you hire to be the hands and faces of your company are out there every day representing you – they are either happily showcasing all the wonderful things about your company, or they are bringing it down with poor attitudes or a lack of enthusiasm. So, how do you inspire greatness in those that work for you? How do you promote a company vibe of inclusion, ownership and high morale?

Should I or Shouldn’t I Join a Support Group?

The idea of attending a support group is both frightening and intimidating to some people after loss. Walking in the door to join a group is one of the hardest things a bereaved person will attempt. Let me suggest that sharing the experience with someone else going through the loss of a loved one far outweighs the burden of thinking I should be able to handle on my own.

Staying True to Your Authentic Self

Being your authentic self is difficult in a world that discourages individuality. Every day a barrage of forces tells us what to believe, what to think, how to look, and how to live our lives.

Timely Screening of Mental Illness and Substance Dependence May Help Prevent Dual Diagnosis

Mental illness and substance abuse combined may have devastating effects on patients battling them. Referred to as dual diagnosis, a mental illness together with substance abuse may leave people gasping for control over one’s life.

Grades of Engine Oil: Demystifying What They Mean

To many, oil grades appear to be a cryptic combination of letters and numbers, such as 5W-30 or SAE30, etc. Your manufacturer specifies the recommended grade, but what do the numbers mean? This article demystifies the meaning so you can be an informed consumer.

Four Profit Levers in UK Property Investing

Whenever you purchase a buy to let residential property for investment purposes, there are only four areas where you can make money which are commonly known as the profit levers. This article assumes that you are buying with a mortgage as most property investors do these days. PROFIT LEVER 1 – DISCOUNT Whenever you buy an investment property you should always aim to buy with a discount no matter how small as this will multiply many-fold over the term of your purchase when in conjunction with profit levers 3 and 4 below.

Three Questions to Help You Keep Perspective

In my career I’ve had plenty of times where I thought the whole world was crashing around me. Whether it be a slipping (or failed) project, difficult issue with an employee, or totally unforeseen issue that consumed my time, in nearly every circumstance the crisis was dealt with and didn’t impact my long-term career trajectory. I’ve had a number of times in my career where I was “reminded” that what I was dealing with was minor in comparison to major life issues such as losing a loved one. Losing my sister to cancer at age 54 was a massive wake-up call to calibrate the crisis of the day and keep perspective on problems we deal with.

Improve Your Productivity When Focus Is Optimized Operating in Short-Bursts

If you have actually ever before dealt with situations where you may lose focus on a project or task, possibly a business associate or even a good friend has actually stated that you ought to attempt working in short-bursts as opposed to completing your job or project at one time. Even if you think this concept is strange, it isn’t necessarily a bad recommendation. There are three major advantages to working in short bursts.

Where Is Hopkins Village Located?

Hopkins Village is located on the beautiful coast of Belize. It sits in the country’s central region and the village itself faces east looking out directly over the beautiful Caribbean Sea. The location of Hopkins makes it an ideal base for a vacation. You have easy access to all the attractions of the region, including national parks, wildlife reserves, and – of course – the stunning coastline. But also, because Hopkins Village is so centrally located, it makes day trips to other popular places, like Placencia, Dangriga, or even the famous Cayes, an enticing prospect. Tell me more about Belize The country of Belize sits south of the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, and to the east and north of Guatemala. Belize boasts 174 miles of coastline, which is a major selling point for visitors who want to incorporate at least a little bit of beach time into their vacation. Belize is a relatively petite country, with an area of around 23,000 sq km, making it over 400 times smaller than the United States. However, despite its miniature footprint, Belize has a number of different terrains, including the Maya Mountains to the south, limestone lowlands to the north.

5 Proven Strategies for Overcoming Difficult Issues at the Office

Whether navigating tricky conversations or counseling employees through conflict, there are always going to be difficult workplace issues that crop up. How you handle these obstacles will go a long way toward determining the atmosphere of your office. Will the office be a space where you and your team can speak and work freely, or will it be a place that stifles creativity and operates out of fear discipline? All workplaces are comprised of imperfect individuals that have good intentions but will still inevitably fail, struggle, or cause conflict. Mistakes happen, errors will be made, and feelings might get hurt. Having a plan in place for how you will respond to these things and mitigate the fallout will set you on a path to a peaceful and successful work environment. When difficult times arise, consider trying out one or more of the five proven strategies in this article.

Creating a Culture of Consistency in Your Firm

Without a doubt, one of the hallmarks of successful people in business is their ability to be consistent, both at work and in their personal lives. Creating a steady cadence in life allows us to be less stressed, more productive, and to experience a high level of contentment and success year in and year out. While cultivating consistency isn’t easy, it is an incredible skill that is vital to reaching your full potential. But what does it mean to be consistent? Is it merely delivering the same quality of service day in and day out? Is it the ability to present a true version of yourself while at work and also while at home? Is it gritty, focused discipline that doesn’t turn back from goals once they have been set? In all honesty, consistency is all of those things and so much more.

Just How Your Self-Talk Affects Your Confidence As Well As Success

Self-talk has the power to increase your self-confidence, improve your disposition, and motivate you to act to attain success. Persistent negative thinking, however, can bring your state of mind and also confidence down, quitting you from becoming an achiever. With practice, you can learn to control your thinking, quickly releasing negative thoughts and focusing on those that wield yield positive results. Learn how.

10 Skills to Be A Good Leader

The phrase “good leader” may be subjective, but if you’ve worked for a “good” leader or a “bad” leader, you definitely know the difference. If you’re ready to take the next step in your entrepreneurial endeavors and are determined to be a good or great leader, what do you need to do? How can you assure you’re going to be the type of leader that your staff or your contractors will want to follow? What can you do to be a great leader even in the face of difficult times or challenges? Check out the 10 skills to be a good leader.

Practicing Detachment

This article discusses the concept of detachment, especially when it seems to be the only remedy when dealing with a particular person. It also looks at the many situations in which it may also prove beneficial.

Five Reasons President Donald J. Trump Is Still in the Minds of Friend and Foe Alike

Five reasons others are still thinking about President Trump. Never Trump GOP and the Left agree on his legacy. The right totally disagrees.

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