Can You Wash Glass Bead Weighted Blanket

Layla Glass Bead Weighted Blanket is a superbly designed quilt. Best splurge-worthy weighted blanket available in several size collections, this heavy duty blanket from Layla take style cues from committed performance outerwear as well as function. Made of materials specifically meant for use under high-impact conditions, the Layla Glass Bead Weighted Blanket resists tearing and fray. Each panel at the blanket was created with a seam that's reinforced for strength. The exceptional quilting technique offers superior protection against ultraviolet radiation from the sun. In addition, the lightweight blanket is ideal to carry and easily store when not being used.

The blanket can be available in several sizes. But, clear glass beads make for a clear and sophisticated look. Yellow, blue, and red glass beads are available in addition to several different colors. What is more is that Layla Glass Bead Weighted Blanket comes from a number of widths. As a consequence, you can make the most of the flexibility of this product by choosing the right size.

Glass Bead Weighted Blanket

As with other excellent polyester garments, the Layla Glass Bead Weighted Blanket is easy to clean and take care of. In fact, it is even simpler than some conventional weighted blankets. Simply add a few tablespoons of water per square inch of cleaned cloth. Instead, if you want, you can wash off the product using cold water and a gentle laundry detergent. A dryer set should be used to wash the product fast.

Apart, from being the best rated lightweight blanket in its own course, the Layla Glass Bead Weighted Blanket includes a number of entertaining and exciting color options. It is possible to find vibrant yellow, blue, and crimson beads in several exciting hues. Pink and green beads add interest to plain fabrics as well. The Layla Glass Bead Weighted Blanket can be available in the solid color of grey.

When it comes to size, the Layla Glass Bead Weighted Blanket fills the bill perfectly. The product is very roomy and comfortable to wear. However, like any other heavy blanket, you might need additional help with the process of having the Layla Glass Bead Weighted Blanket full of all the poly pellets. Fortunately, because this is a lightweight product, the practice of filling it using the poly pellets is relatively inexpensive.

What is more? Aside from being extremely durable, the Layla Glass Bead Weighted Blanket comes with a 10-year guarantee. Therefore, if for any reason you find that the blanket is faulty or no longer usable, you do not have to pay additional costs to have a replacement. Additionally, the Layla Glass Bead Weighted Blanket is quite easy to clean. It’s coated with a removable, machine-washable fabric cover. To top it all off, the purchase price of the Layla Glass Bead Weighted Blanket is really reasonably priced.

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