Can Faker Actually Do It?

Ravishing Indian Handloom Fabrics

This article is about Indian weavers who lives in villages or small town and merely have some exposure regarding the market and the industry. Get to know about them and the incredible journey of Indian weavers.

How To Deal With Disgruntled People And Champion Good Governance

This term “disgruntled” members became popular in the period leading to the 2001 general elections. It was used to refer to members of the National Resistance Movement, who complained and opposed the party, especially in reference to the broken promises, changing national constitution to suit plans of the ruling political party, infighting among political party members to win favour of top political party leadership and influence their own interests, as well as the struggle for power and positions in government‎. The members of political parties, who missed out on enjoying national cake, or contested the weak…

11 Top Consumer and Nutrition Trends in 2021

2020 has indeed brought about difficulties and altered the lives of people all over the world. Our daily habits and behaviors have shifted dramatically. With the pandemic, people’s priorities have also changed, with so many focusing anew on their well-being and health, which includes the food they eat.

The RISKS Of Public Procrastination!

Most people consider, procrastination, as, putting off, for tomorrow, things, you should fo today, However, when, it comes to, public policy, as it relates to public officials (especially, elected ones), it actually, involves, still, avoiding one’s responsibilities, which, should have, already, been performed, today, or, even, before! Unfortunately, all – too – often, voters, and the public, at – large, under – estimate the potential, and inherent RISKS, involved, when matters, aren’t addressed, in a well – considered, timely manner! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this…

Lighten Up America

When I was a kid, I often ate dinner at the home of friends, who had different religious and political views than our family. If a sensitive topic came up, the other family members might chuckle, tease or just smile. As long as I was polite, I was always welcome in their house.

5 Examples Of Why You Can’t Have Discussions With Some!

Many believe, it is far – simpler, to have a comprehensive discussion, with people, who rely – upon facts, than those, who seem to believe, their opinions are the same as facts! Although, everyone is entitled to his own opinions, no one should be granted his facts, simply, on his say – so! Although, we’ve often observed politicians, who slant/ skew actions, reactions, and reasons/ reality, what occurred, during the last four years, is unlike anything, in recent memory (and, not, necessarily, in a good – way)!

Why Won’t Some Trust What They See, More Than Politicians Claim?: 5 Examples

Although, we are, each, entitled to our own opinions, we are not permitted, our own set of facts! When the Communication Director, of the former President, felt, she needed, to refer to his statements, as, Alternative Facts, and, so many of his core supporters, not only, accepted that explanation, but endorsed it (seemed to agree with it), it should become obvious, there are potential, concerning ramifications, not only, in the immediate – term, but in the intermediate, and longer – run, also! Why do some people, refuse to accept, what they see/ witness, with their own – eyes, rather than what some…

Too Many Hate Crimes!: When/ Where Will These End?: 4 Examples

Statistics indicate, and most of us, are concerned, with the apparent, huge increase, in the number, and degree of hate crimes, in the United States of America! This trend, has, unfortunately, gone – on, for some time, but, in the past four years, it seemed, many of these haters, felt enabled/ entitled, probably, because of the promises, and rhetoric/ vitriol, articulated by the former President! For a nation, who, for centuries, proudly, considered, itself, a Melting Pot, and, the Land of the Free, this dangerous, concerning set of actions, and the ramifications, etc, should be, and are, concerning, and sad!

The Perversion of Myth in America Part 5

In past articles of this series, we have considered the meaning of myth, constructive myths, destructive myths and a perverse myth- Trumpism. In this article, we will consider how to respond to Trumpism before it destroys our democracy.

The Balance Between Personal Freedoms And Responsibilities!: 5 Examples

I am sick – and – tired, of those, who, either, wrap – themselves – in – the – flag, or claim, some violation of their personal freedoms and rights, because, some policy, doesn’t conform with their personal/ political agenda, and/ or, perceived, self – interest! Aren’t there, times, when, the greater good, should/ must, take the priority, over, these perceptions? Although, it shouldn’t, it seems, to many, there is a somewhat – fine line, between, personal freedoms, and the common good, rather than, realizing, the emphasis, should be, on what should be, common needs, etc!

Why Isn’t The Present Danger, CLEAR, To Many?

Although, many believe, we live in concerning, trying times, where the level of polarization, and divisiveness, is, perhaps, at the highest rate, in recent memory, there are still, a considerable number of people, who, appear, to blindly, follow some. so – called leaders, who encourage believing their version of alternative facts, instead of real ones, and reality! The United States, historically, has stood – out, in this planet, because of its Constitutional guarantees, and the associated freedoms, and rights, provided, to – all, regardless of their socio – economic position, etc!

These Folks Are Nuts!: 5 Current Examples!

If, you have, ever, observed some actions, rhetoric, and/ or, reasoning/ rationale, etc, and, they don’t seem to make any sense, to you, it may, indicate more about, what is going on, than, about your ability to understand! In the past few years, when a significant number of people, seem to equate real facts, with conspiracy theories, and so – called, alternative facts, we have, simultaneously, observed, a concerning, expansion, in behaviors, which, objectively, indicate, we risk, significant, undesirable, ramifications, etc! It has come to the point, where I feel, some of these folks, are, simply, nuts!

The Perversion of Myth in America-Part 4 The Trumpian Myth

Now we turn to the myth which some see as creating an American crisis but which others see as the key to our salvation as a nation. We are taking about the Trumpian Myth.

How Closed – Minds Make Discussions Challenging?: 5 Factors

Although, this nation, and the rest, of the world, would, significantly benefit, when/ if, there was some, greater efforts, at using some common sense, to produce a meeting – of – the – minds, for the common good, we rarely, witness, any attempts, to produce these! Although, we have always, probably, experienced, some degree of this, partisan, polarizing behavior, and divisiveness, in the past few years, it has occurred, at a level, never – before, witnessed, in recent memory! Probably, the most significant, concerning challenge, to this country, today, is, there are so many individuals, on both sides, of the…

6 Threats This Nation Continues To Endure, From Within!

Studying, history, teaches us, at one point, or another, nearly, every nation, faced crises, and other threats, both, internally, and externally, The state of this nation, today, is, similar, as we face foreign, external threats, from those, seeking to harm the United States, and/ or, our way of life! However, today, perhaps, more, than, ever, in recent memory, the greatest threat, to this great country, is, from within! We are living, in concerning times, where, to many, it appears, there is some sort, of, concerted efforts, to do, serious harm, or, change things, to benefit, a few, at the expense…

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