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Why Voting Rights Must Aim To Be FAIR?

Instead of getting, overwhelmed by all the noise, and rhetoric, etc, shouldn’t our analysis of news – related issues, begin, with the idea, we should, demand our public officials, do what’s right, instead of serving their actual, and/ or, perceived, personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest? At – present, one of these urgent, relevant, and sustainable issues, which, it seems, many seek to minimize, compromise, and/ or, use to a specific advantage, etc, is, voting rights, and what they mean and represent, in the bigger – picture, in terms of the true identity, going – forward, of this…

Climate Change And Environment: 5 Important Considerations!

Although, it seems, many prefer to deny it, etc, the reality is, being prepared for, and proactively, addressing the threats and ramifications, from Climate Change, and taking proper care of our environment, and potential threats to many aspects of life, especially, related to clean air and water, are, perhaps, the most essential, existential threats to our world, in the near – term, intermediate, and especially, longer – run! Shouldn’t it be the responsibility of this generation, to leave a world/ planet, to future generations, which is safer, cleaner, and more sustainable, etc? With, that in mind, this article will attempt…

5 Industries Where Vaccine Mandates Are Needed For Public Health Concerns!

To those, claiming, mandating vaccines, is some sort of violation of their personal rights, and freedoms, I respond, when it comes to deciding between an individual’s perceived right, and the overall, common good, this nation, throughout its history, has chosen the greater good! Excuses, such as it violating their religious freedoms, flies – in – the face, of the fact, no major religion, is claiming so! The Pope, as well as the leaders of other nearly – all, other religions, have suggested/ urged their flock, to get vaccinated!

Why America Seems To Avoid Essential Actions?: 6 Concerning Examples!

Over, and over – again, candidates for public office, often, resort to making, populist statements, full of empty promises and rhetoric, when, this nation, and its citizens, need, and deserve, meaningful leadership, representation, and service, to achieve priorities, instead of resorting to procrastination, and denials! It often seems, many Americans, either, fall – for – it, or, permit their personal desires, to dominate our cumulative, public responsibilities! After, over four decades, of working on political campaigns, I keep, feeling, we are still discussing, issues, which should have been addressed, many years ago!

5 Reasons I’ve Lost Faith In American Politics!

It seems, this nation, instead of, proactively, addressing the true needs, and priorities, which exist, simply, keeps procrastinating, and putting – off, taking well – considered, timely action, for the best interests of our country, citizens, and the planet, both, at – present, and into the future! I’ve reached the point, where, either, I endorse the famous line, from the movie, Network, “I’m mad as hell, and not going to take it anymore,” or, become, increasingly, apathetic, because it seems, nothing changes, for the better, despite, who we elect! Have you ever wondered, if, one of the few, well – intentioned, elected…

5 Necessities Of Physical And Humane Infrastructure Needs!

Why do we permit, so – called, public and elected officials, to make issues, such as the need to upgrade a number of infrastructure aspects, both, physical/ structural, as well as humane ones, to be used as a political – football, rather than a necessity, which we must address, sooner, rather than later! It seems, for years, politicians have procrastinated/ put – off, taking actions, in a timely manner, so we would not have reached, the point, we presently are witnessing, where our physical infrastructure, is crumbling, and/ or, deteriorating, and this nation, is falling – behind, many others, in…

Feeding Thy Soul – Path to Salvation

When you know your soul’s purpose, you are content with your life. Awakening your purpose can be life-giving. Faith warms the soul to see beyond the limited horizens of this world. A spiritual person lives life through sincerity, humility and compassion. It nurtures your spiritual well-being to create positive outcomes that flow into a healthy and balanced life. Christianity gives humanity a reason to life in this world and in the everlasting world to come in God’s Heavenly Kingdom.

The Die Has Been Cast?

The inflationary trend that is rapidly expanding into every consumer product has left a bitter pill to swallow for millions of Americans.The past two years fighting off the ravages of the Covid-19 Pandemic has incensed the public to finally realize just how vulnerable this nation is to the failure of government to protect and serve all Americans. The incompetence of our Federal Government has shown very little sympathy in the actions taken not only in preventing this medical health crisis but in the responses to it.

Without Equal JUSTICE, Won’t US Lose Its Way?

For a nation, founded, based on certain Constitutional guarantees, including the Bill of Rights, and the essential commitment, All men are considered equal, and With liberty and justice, for all, shouldn’t we concerned by recent events, etc, indicating these concepts are, at – best, being, only, selectively, applied, and the number of hate – crimes, within this nation, at, or, near, record – highs? If we don’t demand, equal JUSTICE, for all, and significantly, reduce, the hate – filled, polarizing, rhetoric, and vitriol, sooner, rather than later, the future of our system of a democratic republic, based on guaranteed rights, and freedoms, is, at -…

Beware, America, Of The Dangers WITHIN!

Although, the United States of America, throughout its history, has confronted threats to its national security/ safety, many times, we now face, perhaps, our greatest dangers, ever! This nation has fought wars, and police actions, and been active participants in the so – called, Cold War, but, as potentially – dangerous, as those may have been, the dangers, WITHIN, we seem to be facing, today, may be the most dangerous, ever! If, we hope to maintain, the American way – of – life, into the future, we must, proactively, address these, sooner, rather than later!

5 Reasons Democrats Can’t Get Out Of Their Own Way!

Have you ever noticed, it seems, Democrats and Republicans, hold themselves, to far – different standards, especially, when it comes to, matters, related to ethics, morality, and the quality of character? While it often appears, the Grand Old Party, doesn’t worry about appearances, or any indication of hypocrisy, because they hold themselves to a different set of rules, than they demand from their opposition, the Democratic politicians, and office holders, care more about appearances, and being consistent! Isn’t it interesting, the same officials, who, spent freely, without caring about the deficit, when Donald Trump was President, and, when, the so…

Which Party Is Actually The Big Spenders?: 4 Realities!

After, decades of involvement, working on several, political campaigns, perhaps, the most frustrating, aspect, is the huge difference between reality and voter perceptions! Why do so many perceive of, one candidate, as strong, and for – them, when the individual lacks any significant degree of integrity, nor truly, cares about them, but only his personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest? Often, we witness, supporters of one poltical party, accuse the other, of being, fiscally – irresponsible, while the facts, indicate, that, often, is not the case!

Beware Of Political Leaders FALSE Promises!

Year – after – year, election – after – election, American voters appear, to be fooled by political rhetoric, and empty, FALSE promises! How often, have we witnessed, the same pattern, where we elect individuals, with, apparently, far – fewer skills, quality of character, and/ or, caring – spirit, than a better – prepared, political opponent/ adversary? Why do so many, simply, accept, lie, after – lie, rather than attempting, to objectively, and with an open – mind, take a far – deeper look, and examine, who might be best – suited, for actual, meaningful, relevant, sustainable leadership?

Advocate Mahalakshmi

For the past 25 years, Advocate Ms. Mahalakshmi has adorned the TV field by anchoring, news and so on. With no influential background, she worked hard to achieve the limelight and the status that she has acquired today.

Why Nano Price Is Mooning?

Yesterday, following the announcement from the team at Nano about their IoT charging innovation, the coin has seen a 90% rise in its price. Nano’s first step into the IoT jungle with its IoT charging apparatus, Nano price has rocketed to the moon and only greater heights are expected. The 90% hike in the value of the Nano coin is being attributed to the network’s stress testing results. These results were released over the last week and were highly satisfactory. Nano is not the first coin to have entered the IoT field, it has entered only after IOTA and many other coins. But the long-awaited announcement from Nano’s team is surely about to change the entire crypto-IoT dynamic.

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