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7 Steps to Find and Retain Quality Staff

Finding and retaining quality staff whether you’re hiring employees or contractors, can be a difficult task for many entrepreneurs. There are a myriad of reasons this is true. It takes a focused, strategic approach to hiring and growing your team that will help propel you and your business forward. Apply these 7 steps to find and retain quality staff.

REAL Wellness Perspectives on Radical Islam and Christian Nationalism

The commonaities between Radical Islam and Christian Nationalists is striking, and too little appreciated by the American public. In this essay, pernicious aspects of both are reviewed as incompatible not only with the philosophy and lifestyle practices of REAL wellness but also with our secular Republic and our Constitutional guarantees.

A Post-Post Modernism Initiative

This is an introduction to the philosophy of Post-Post Modernity. The author has developed various concepts like transcendental dialectics, metaphysical humanism, epistemological anarchy, post-colonial ecumenism and the theatre of psychology.

Best 9 IOS App Development Tools For 2021

The availability of so many iOS app development tools has made coding, testing, debugging, and overall application development more efficient. Here’s the list of the best 9 tools for 2021.

Different Branches

I am amazed at the diversity of branches that have sprouted from the Vine of Truth. The singular Church is now identified in the plural. What has happened?

Movie Dybbuk: A Standard Indian Horror Flick With An Interesting Plot!

The film has all the elements of a horror flick like an overly loud background score, jump-cut scares, moving figures behind your back, an ugly face in the mirror or in the almirah and quite a few scary scenes that turn to be humorous inadvertently. However, the movie a bit better fare than the traditional Ramsay Brothers type or the Vikram Bhatt kind of horror thanks to its interesting plot involving a Jewish community in Mauritius and their folklore, faiths and occult practices…

DIY Original Halloween Costume Tips and Ideas

Many adults have art and craft skills to make their own Halloween or special events costume. Hand or machine stitching, glue, and paste are the basic fasteners. Creativity and imagination are the magic ingredients.

Avoiding Headaches And How To Obtain Pain Relief If You Are Experiencing A Headache

Unfortunately, almost everyone has sustained a headache. Headaches come in many varieties: cluster, migraine, sinus and stress or tension headaches. This article will discuss avoidance of headaches or steps you can take if you are experiencing headaches.

The COVID-19 Masking Mosaic!

All around us we’ve been getting used to seeing people masking themselves in most unique ways: some loosening it a bit lower so that the nose remains prominently exposed as if they’ve only now realized the importance of this organ as far as inhaling oxygen and exhaling nitrogen is concerned; some are still bolder wearing it like a necklace hanging below their chins; some even the more bolder keeping it in pocket or bags and wearing it the moment the law-enforcing authorities surface…

Three Essential Habits for High Performing Leadership Teams

Performance is crucial for every team. It’s how we measure progress in the game of work. Obsessing about the scoreline is not how we improve the play. It’s only by improving our habits, relationships, and systems that we can generate better results in the long run. High performing teams master these three elements, plus three critical habits.

Investing in the Stock Market on a Shoestring

You do not need to be rich to invest but you need to invest in order to be rich and investing in the share market has never been more accessible thanks to the internet. It gives everyone the opportunity to invest irrespective of income levels, therefore there is no excuse for not getting involved.

How To Find The Best Floor Sanding Company

When it comes to the time that you need to seek support with sanding your worn wooden floors, it is important that you are equipped with all the following information. This has been put together in order to support you through finding the best company to complete your wood restoration project.

How to Know If an Opportunity Is Right for Your Business

To become a successful entrepreneur, you need to know how to detect unique and good opportunities. Also you need to test and execute them more efficiently than your competitors.

Read to Combat Stress

Reading. Something we do every day, in many ways. We read street signs, we read directions, we read texts and emails, we read instructions on everything from setting up a baby crib to how your manager wants you to approach a new project.

Mother Wounds: Can A Man Experience Conflict With Women If He Had An Abusive Mother?

What a man may find, if he was to step back and reflect on his life, is that, in general, his relationships with women have been anything but harmonious. Therefore, when the ‘battle of the sexes’ is mentioned, he probably won’t find it hard to relate to what is being spoken about.

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