Did Razer Just Make the Perfect Mouse?

Move On, Review/ Learn And Correct, Seek To Improve?

If, it seems to you, very little, of genuine consequence, occurs, in terms of, relevant – progress, in how, those elected, to serve and represent us, do their duties, you are, certainly, not, the only one! However, as citizens, and voters, too often, people, simply, continue complaining about, what was, rather than, focusing on the best – path – forward! Each of us, must, determine, whether, we will, either, move – on, review, learn and correct our approaches, etc, and/ or, focus on ways to improve, and achieve more, in a true manner!

5 Ways Partisan Politics Harms The Nation!

The United States of America, certainly, does not have any worse, a political, and/ or, electoral/ voting system, than most other nations, around the world, unfortunately, it remains, far – too partisan, and this refusal to seek a meeting – of – the – minds, for the greater good, often, harms this country! Many Americans, seem to be, proud of our heritage, in terms of the visions and supposed – intents, of our Founding Fathers. It is those, Constitutional guarantees, of rights, and freedoms, which have the potential, to make a significant difference, for the better of the nation, and…

If You Aren’t Vaccinated, Wear A Mask Instead Of Risking Infection!: 4 Considerations!

Why, does it seem, the same people, who have, fought, wearing a mask, often proclaiming, the horrific pandemic, was, either, a hoax, political strategy, or worse, continue, appearing to be, in some state, of denial, to – this – day? Many of these individuals, appear to subscribe to, and/ or, believe, some, or several of the conspiracy theories, which align, with their wishes! The reality is, simply, denying, something, never, makes it, go away, but, rather, often, creates a series of undesirable circumstances/ ramifications!

Dutch Masters of the Golden Age Painting

The Netherlands is famous for its canals and cobblestone streets, Delft Blue earthenware, bulb fields, windmills, cheese markets, wooden shoes, bicycles. as well some of the most treasured masterpieces of Old Dutch Masters art in the world. The Old Dutch Masters dedicated their lives to art through their passion. Their artistic passion provided the energy, commitment and the enthusiasm to create unique masterpieces.

5 Reasons Many Feel The American Political System Is Failing!

For many years (in recent memory), the United States of America, which prides – itself, supposedly, on the Constitutional guarantees, and promises, of several rights and privileges, including, enjoying a free, and fair, voting system, has experienced, one of the lowest, voter turnouts! It seems, many feel, their vote, doesn’t count, and/ or, make any different, and/ or, all the individuals, running for public office, are, the same! This shouldn’t be surprising, since, twice, in the 21st Century, an individual, with fewer, popular votes, was elected, because of the peculiarities, of the Electoral College, etc!

The Victorian Era and the British Empire

The Victorian period was one of Great Britain’s greatest eras. History gives an insight to understanding the present existing social, political, religious and economic conditions of a society.

Society Thrives on Wholesome Values

Complex societies are characterized by having different social and economic classes and larger populations. Every individual relates and behaves on the basis of their perception of the surrounding environment they live. It is essential that we cultivate skills of living in harmony with other people around us both, for our sake and others in the community. It is rational people who manage their affairs according to logic or reason which are future oriented.

5 Priorities For America To Address, Now!

Every nation, including, the United States of America, face a variety of obstacles, some more significant, and pressing, while others, far – less, meaningful! How we, choose, to proceed, forward, and our degree of focus, commitment, and discipline, including which priorities, we set, will, undoubtedly, determine, our destiny, and how, we leave this nation, for future generations! Historically, the U.

Economic Impacts Of Inflation And Rising Interest Rates: 3 Specific Areas

Most of us, have experienced, a variety of economies, from inflationary, to close – to, approaching something, which resembles a recession. Since, we can’t predict the future (at least, not accurately), doesn’t it make sense, to be, as – informed, as possible, in order to proceed, as logically, as possible? How these economic conditions, might, impact, important components, such as real estate/ housing, the stock market, and the performance of bonds, and bank – interest rates, is often, significant, and it is, usually, wise, to proceed, as an informed individual!

The Challenges To Ethical Politics: Oxymoron, Denials, Equating Opinions With Facts!

Many wonder, why, it, often, seems, there is very little, realistic, ethical politics! To some, even, putting the word, ethics, alongside, politician, is an oxymoron! Others, resort, simply, to denials, blaming, complaining, and procrastination.

Why America Needs/ Deserves FRESH Ideas?

Insanity is defined, as doing the same thing, over, and over, again, and expecting different results. These words, attributed, by some, to Albert Einstein (although, many believe, he wasn’t the originator, of this statement, points – to, why, we need, now, more than ever, public leaders, who, think – outside – the – box, rather than, remaining within their personal/ political comfort zones, saying and doing, the same – old, same – old! Many of us, are concerned, by the tone of the conversation, where, too many Americans, are, talking, at, each other, rather than, to one – another!

The Needed GOALS OF A Quality, Public Leader!

Although, many are elected, selected, and/ or, ascend to positions, of significant, public leadership, and supposed – responsibility/ service, it often seems, very – few, are ready, willing, and able to make the needed, difference, for the better, the public, often, needs, and deserves! Unfortunately, due to several factors, too many voters/ citizens, either, don’t care, or lack the desire/ understanding, to focus on all the options, and how one, might serve in a specific position, and base their decisions, on factors, such as personality/ likeability, personal biases, overly partisan factors, or campaign promises/ rhetoric, empty visions, etc. With, that…

6 Areas Needing Focus, To Effectively Reduce Systemic Racism!

Unless, one is, in – denial, he must admit, unfortunately, systemic racism, not – only, exists, in America, but poses a significant obstacle, to our supposed – system, which provides, equal justice (and, rights), to all! In the past few years, for several reasons, probably, but, largely, because the former President, often, seemed to articulate a message, loaded – with, vitriol, and blaming others, for many ills – of – society, we have witnessed, an alarming, apparent, escalation, in these behaviors! It is, probably, not, an accident, there has been, a large increase, in the number of reported, hate crimes,…

5 Most Urgent American Priorities!

With, all the pressing issues, this nation, and the rest, of the world, seem to be facing, regularly, one of the challenges, the United States, currently, faces, is, proceeding, forward, considering, a variety of factors, while prioritizing the most – urgent, time – sensitive ones, and proceeding, forward, in a responsive, proactive way! Too often, we witness, politicians, who are elected, as public officials/ leaders, apparently, put their perceived, personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, ahead of the country’s (and planet’s) actual, best interests! Although, there are many, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and…

Fact – Checking Vaccination Conspiracy Theories!: 5 Examples

After, well – over, a year, of experiencing, one of the worst, most – horrific, pandemics, in recent memory/ history, wouldn’t we be, far – better – off, when/ if, people, sought to do, what was, in the best – interests, of better, public health, rather than clinging to, one of the many, disputed, disproven, conspiracy theories, which go – around? We witnessed, an example, of what, appeared to be, either, selfish, foolish, or political reasons, some refused to wear a mask, when, there was a risk, to some (if, not, merely, themselves), of spreading the infection, virus, etc. Nearly,…

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