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Pandemic Response Failure

We are all supposed to be students of history. Unfortunately, thought too many in government, the pharmaceutical industry and the medical community have been preoccupied. All have been preoccupied with developing newer technologies especially in the field of medicine while ignoring the rudimentary procedures in vaccine development.

India: Reopen The Schools After Vaccinating The Students And Preventing The COVID-19 Third Wave!

The loss suffered by the students is huge, considering their isolation, lack of personal interaction with friends and teachers and an almost bleak future looming ahead as regards their future admissions and educational choices and pursuits. Taking into account all such factors the schools must be reopened as soon as possible, and some states are actively thinking about this taking the parents into confidence…

Serosurvey Vs Herd Immunity Vs Vaccination In India!

But the fact remains that at least 400 million of India’s population are still susceptible to infections, dominated by the more infectious Delta variants, which puts the much hyped vaccination drive in India in poor light…

6 Reasons, We’re Still Not Rid Of This Virus, Despite Vaccinations!

Many believe, we have experienced, in the past few years, a set of circumstances, and events, unlike, anything, we’ve witnessed, in recent times! Unrest, around the world, as well as within this nation, are at, potentially, dangerous levels! In the United States, the degree of partisan politics, and polarization, is, the highest, in, at least, many decades, etc!

Have We Seen The End Of American RIGHTS?

With liberty, and justice, for all. Our nation was founded, on many democratic privileges, which our Founding Fathers, believed, were extremely, significant and necessary, to achieve, the type of nation, they envisioned, and wanted! We have always, been, an imperfect nation, and, when any politician, seeks, to attract supporters, by using, an expression/ slogan, such as, Make America Great Again, it seeks to deny, the basic reality, which indicates, we often, need to make improvements, to ensure, we evolve, as we should/ must!

5 Areas Where A Bipartisan Common Sense Consensus Should Be Achievable!

Unlike his predecessor, President Joe Biden, has, repeatedly, stated his belief, and confidence, in our overall system, claiming, although, there are many issues, which divide us, politically, there have always been, and will continue to be, certain ones, which, every public official, regardless of politics, must and should be able, to agree, upon! Although, I am not, necessarily, convinced, this is true, in today’s. divided society, perhaps, the recent, apparent agreement, made between a bipartisan group of Senators, and this President, indicate, there may be some degree of limited hope!

Potential Ramifications When Public Leaders Don’t SERVE!

We, continue, observing, public leaders, who, seem, more interested in serving their own, personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, than, being focused, on the best – way, to effectively, SERVE and represent! As we have, seen, many times, there are generally, ramifications, when these individuals, refuse to do, what they, are sworn to, but, rather, become, little – more, than, career politicians, who only serve their own, best interests! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and, why it matters.

How America Should Move – Forward, In A Cost – Effective, Sustainable Manner?: 5 Specific Areas

Every public leader, either, elected, or appointed, etc, must be ready, willing, and able, to, consistently, move – forward, in a realistic, relevant, sustainable way, and, thus, must emphasize, certain, specific areas of our lives, in a well – considered, timely manner, combined with an open – mind! Too often, we witness, partisan politics, a political/ personal agenda, and/ or. self – interest, take precedence, over, doing what’s right, for our nation, citizens, and the rest – of – the – world.

5 Essentials To Overcoming This Pandemic!

Has the American political system, become weaker, and attracted lesser individuals, recently, or, perhaps, was it never, as strong, as many, wanted to believe it was, in, past – years? Why is there, so – little, common sense, these days? While, certain issues are expected to be partisan, many, such as handling this horrific pandemic, should not, be!

5 Dangerous Conspiracy Theories Which Continue To Linger!

Why do so many people, continue, listening to, and/ or, believing conspiracy theories, even, after, they have been, consistently, debunked, and disputed, by clear – cut facts, data, and informed – information? Whether it creates, misinformation, regarding, COVID – 19 ( including potential dangers/ risks, calling it a hoax, or the realities regarding the vaccinations, etc), what happened at the U.S.

Why You Need To Elect Public Leaders Who Focus On These 6 Things?

Many believe, our public officials, today, often, focus, more, on addressing their personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, than, serving the best interests of their constituents, and nation! The constant, apparent, dysfunction, and, failure, to address, true priorities, and national needs, etc, contributes, significantly, to the low – esteem, politicians, often, appear to be held – to! Common sense, indicates, certain issues, should transcend politics, and partisan behaviors, but, unfortunately, there is very – little, of that, apparently, in our elected officials!

You Say, Taking A Vaccination Is A Personal Decision?: Think Again!: 5 Examples

Although, the vast majority of Americans, seemed to consider the possibility of a vaccination for the virus, which created this recent pandemic, a potential savior, in order to protect them, and let them resume, some semblance, of a return to a normal – type, life, it seems, too many, for a variety of reasons, refuse to get vaccinated! Some of these individuals, believe a conspiracy theory, or consider it, a poltical symbol, etc, we often hear, these people state, whether or not, they get a vaccines, is a personal choice, etc! If you, really, believe, that, you are ignoring several,…

Human Trafficking

There are some things in life that we just don’t want to know or talk about but burying our heads in the sand doesn’t solve the issues. In fact, ignoring difficult situations just allows them to grow and our inaction actually cast us into the role of being an accessory. Today I am writing about a very difficult subject – missing children and human trafficking.

What Age Are We In?

This week I have been thinking about how humans go through different periods of time that are usually not named until long after they have passed. Historians use archaeological evidence and written records to learn about technology, leaders, specific advancements and events. They then use this information to describe distinct periods of time that they identify as eras.

In Like a Lion

When I was a child we always talked about March as coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb. Since then there has been a great deal of controversy about weather patterns and some rather strange events. Recently, Texas experienced a horrible snow storm that was unusual for them.

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