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Is Our Political System Broken, And Can It Be Fixed Before It’s Too Late?: 5 Concerns

Many people, these days, have become disillusioned with our political system, and politicians, because, it seems, very little emphasis is placed on reaching an essential meeting – of – the – minds, for the greater good, and too much emphasis and focus, is on a personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest! Although, individuals on, either extreme of the political spectrum (the so – called, right – wing, versus, progressive wing), appear, extremely involved, and, in some cases, dangerously – committed, those in the middle, more – and – more, feel, concerned about the present, and well as sustainability,…

5 Suggestions For Making Judges More Just!

For a nation, which claims to maintain an essential Balance of Powers, by, supposedly, built – in protections, in our United States Constitution, it seems to many, in recent years, while the Executive Branch has gained significant, additional power and control, the other two branches (legislative and judicial) appear to have lost much of theirs! How often, does it seem, many Justices, today, especially, many recent appointments, rather than reviewing cases, laws, and legality, with an open – mind, have proceeded, in a partisan, poltical perspective/ approach? Don’t you remember, when we respected most Judges, and Justices, because, we felt,…

Why We Need To Know A Politician’s Real PRIORITIES?

Although, many people, from both sides of the political spectrum, as well as the so – called, middle, appear to see, nearly everything related to news and/ or, current events, in an extremely biased, slanted, prejudiced, opinionated way, the reality is, there will never discover any meaningful, meeting – of – the – way, for the greater – good, unless/ until, most begin proceeding with a more – open mind, and a willingness to see obstacles as challenges, to overcome, instead of perceiving debilitating problems! Although, this has probably been the case, for generations, it became abundantly clearer, in the…

Beyond Borders

“Although I was born in Hyderabad, my family moved to the USA and I grew up by the bay in San Francisco. When I shifted back to this city a few years ago, there was some sense of nostalgia. Before we moved, we lived in Adarsh Nagar, just beside Birla Mandir.

Indigenous COVID-19 Vaccine Covaxin Approved In India For Kids Of Two To Eighteen Years of Age!

This comes as a big positive breakthrough in light of the reopening of schools across India and the urgent need of vaccinating the children so that they do not become carriers of the virus and bring it home to jeopardize the elders of the families. Further, in the much feared Third Wave of the pandemic in India that can actually break out after the festival season there has been a concern that the kids would be the worst affected section of the population…

Shouldn’t Our Rights Keep Everyone FREE?

For a nation, supposedly founded on the concept of, specific Constitutional guarantees, based on certain rights and freedoms, and, liberty and justice, for all. we often witness some Americans, who seem to feel, while they are entitled to every right, others are not! Too many, seem, to be focused, selectively, emphasizing specific rights, they choose, but, often, paying, far – less attention to others!

Why You Can Support A Woman’s Right To Choose, But Oppose Abortion?: 4 Examples

Beware of the hypocrisy, and double – talk, of politicians, and their partisan followers! While, each of us, have the right, to our own opinion, it doesn’t mean, that it, automatically, provides the freedom, to create our own version of the facts! Perhaps, the most concerning (or one of them), of the previous, Presidential tenure/ term, was, when his Press Advisor, referred to his obvious, willingness to adopt, less – than – facts, and declare them, as factual, as, Alternative Facts!

Why Is The Political Rhetoric So FIERCE?

After, over four decades of involvement, working on several political campaigns, etc, as well as, reviewing, previous ones, the tone, vitriol, polarization, and divisiveness, today, seems to be, at, or near, the worst, in recent memory! One would think, after the past, 18 months, of misery (and worse), caused, as a result of this horrific pandemic, most individuals, would desire, a saner, nicer, level of conversation, instead of the polarizing, partisan one, we witness! Although, there is little – doubt, of the severity of these discussions, why have they become so FIERCE, and adversarial, when we face so many obstacles, today, and…

To Me, the Essence of Liberty and Freedom

After committing hundreds of thousands of words to paper and computer files on the subjects of civics, republican government, political philosophy, and theology, I think it is high-time for me, in my 70th year, to write about what freedom and liberty have personally meant to me during the seven decades of my life. Hence, I will truly endeavor to state in as few words as possible an epitome of my love of the liberty that has been afforded to me through the laws set down in the Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the United States.

What Benefit (If, Any) Is There To A Debt – Limit?: 4 Key Considerations

Since, we so – often, witness a political battle, about the need to raise the so – called, debt – limit, many assume this is soem sort of Constitutional requirement! However, it was never, either, considered, or expressed, in this, supposedly, guiding document! Too often, it becomes, a partisan, political way, of trying to convince some voters, elected officials (Senators, and Congressional Representatives/ Congressmen), are handling their financial, and fiscal responsibilities, in a meaningful, greater good, focus!

Idealism Feels Great, But Pragmatic Idealism Needs To Seek Improvement!: 5 Examples

While, it’s great to be idealistic, unfortunately, it risks achieving, little, unless, one uses pragmatic idealism, in order, to bring people, together, for the greater good, and achieve a meeting – of – the – minds, rather than mere, partisan politics, as usual! It might make certain people, feel good, to focus – on, idealism, but, what good, is it, if nothing, of significance, is achieved, because, it doesn’t achieve a necessary consensus? In our system of government, where the Congress is, almost, evenly – matched, between the two major parties, those, who hold – out, for the unachievable ideal,…

6 Areas Where Those Citing Their Personal Freedom, Harm Others!

Although, the United States of America, was founded, based on certain democratic principles, stated, and/ or, implied, in the Constitution, reality, and the greater good, demands, every right and freedom, must come with, certain, individual responsibilities/ obligations, and necessary, common sense, limitations! Few would argue, against, the concept, it is prohibited, to cry, Fire, in a movie theater, because of the chaos, and potential safety hazards, doing so, harms others! There have been times, when this nation, needed to impose certain restrictions on so – called freedoms and rights, to protect, society, public health, and/ or safety!

5 Areas Where Policy Must Prevail Over Partisan Politics!

Are you, sick – and – tired, of public officials, seeming to, consistently, appear to prioritize their personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest. rather than the greater good, and creating a meeting – of – the – minds? When, certain politicians, seem to contradict themselves, and expose them, as hypocrites, etc, by changing their stances, and positions, based on what they seem to believe, might serve their political best – interests, why do voters, continue allowing this, and electing these types of individuals?

Why/ How Natural Actions Impact The Entire WORLD?

The inherent challenge, and obstacle, we face, when a national leader, articulates a populist message, based on supposedly, putting America, first, is, many things, can only be, effectively, addressed, if/ when, the public official, recognizes the impact, of our actions, has, on our WORLD and planet! Some issues, which are worldwide, in – nature, include: addressing the dangers of Climate Change; the need for well – considered, environment protections; the full – picture related to attempting to minimize the impact of fossil fuels; seeking world peace; admitting the potential dangers of nuclear weapons, of mass destruction, etc. With, that in mind, this…

The Blood of Jesus (2)

“It’s about a Christian who boarded the same taxi with me. He was very zealous and started distributing gospel tract inside the taxi. When he gave me the tract I rejected it. He started preaching, so I became disturbed and knocked him with the ring on my finger. That was to kill him. And the boy shouted: ‘The blood of Jesus!’ Immediately, lightening and fire and an angel appeared. A strong wind again removed me with great force out of the taxi and into the thick jungle. Had it not been that I was a man backed by evil powers, I could have got lost in that jungle. Sure, the Christian did not know the war that went on his behalf. All he knew including the other passengers was that I had disappeared from the taxi! The name of Jesus or the blood of Jesus in [from] the mouth of a believer sends out fire,

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