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The Day I Made An Excuse That Almost Failed

My parents seemed to buy it and I thought I successfully evaded the consequences. Next day, while we were going for the tuition, I boasted about my presence of mind to Vinesh and explained to him how I made this quick excuse the night before. I hadn’t even finished telling him before he suddenly pointed out to me, “We were on bicycles, you idiot.”

What Are Some Typical Compromises Involved In Indian Marriages

As much as people want to get married to someone they have been in love with for a long time, there is still a vast majority of people who prefer arranged marriage after they are done with love and dating. In fact, while dating someone, many have a clear idea in their minds that this is a temporary phase of life and when they decide to settle down permanently, they opt for an arranged marriage.

Why Being Alone Is The Most Awesome Thing In The World

Life has its unique ways of teaching those who are not wise enough to perceive things the way they are instead of what they should be, for their own emotional comfort. It seemed like a big deal at that time but it was just a reality check I was faced with. I learned to stop being pathetic, being at somebody else’s mercy.

Why You Must Avoid Letting People Take Your Kindness For Granted

You used to be golf player; good or bad – doesn’t really matter, but the important thing is you were a golf player and were playing your own game. Then one day, you saw another player struggling with his bag and clubs. You left your game in the middle and ran to become that player’s caddie.

How A Panchayat Killed Innocence And Dreams Of A Lifetime

Everybody was happy and satisfied with the judgment. The girl looked at her parents who were still not able to look straight, obviously too ashamed of their daughter’s immoral act. What can possibly be more shameful than choosing your own life partner?

A Heartfelt Letter To Happiness

I would like to compliment you on your ability to make people seem beautiful. Those smiling faces always give me hope and positivity I need in daily life, no matter what I am going through. And this also makes me believe that you are always around, in form of smiles, giggles and laughters… Even if it’s not always me whom they are coming from.

Why It Is Unwise To Expect Gratitude From People You Just Helped

In our conquest of being a hero, we often forget one simple yet important rule of heroes – leaving right after the job is done! It’s surely tempting to stay because you get to listen to a few words of gratitude and appreciation, and in most cases, from a complete stranger. It boosts our self esteem and makes us feel worthwhile. Despite that, I would not recommend staying for too long; here’s why.

Do We Really Understand Life And Its True Purpose?

I don’t know how old you are and how much life you are left with. But one thing is certain: until you stop, sit down and really think why you are here, whatever efforts you are putting into your life are a total waste.

Do The Most Inspiring Success Stories Prey On People’s Insecurities?

What is the true measure of success? Is it all about making huge amounts of money, creating unlimited wealth, and becoming the talk of the town?

How To Better Understand Your Procrastination And Tips To Keep It In Check

A great way to deal with procrastination could be to understand where it stems from and devising a simple yet effective strategy to keep it in check and minimize the damage. And even if you can’t, know that it is okay.

Disciplines of Discipleship: Who Can Teach Them

Not everyone who calls them self a teacher is qualified to teach. Moreover those who profess to teach those things that pertain to the disciplines of discipleship. Who then is qualified or adequate?

Disciplines of Discipleship: The Way They Should Go

The way we go will determine our destination. Continuing on that way requires discipline so that we do not drift and depart from the way.

I’m Afraid That No One Seems to Care About the Truth

It sometimes feels like a person, wounded and bleeding, pleading to be heard and helped by people passing by him, ignoring his cries and indifferently refusing to see his plight, when a terrible and tragic crime has been committed where thousands of innocent people have been murdered, and there are honest scientific investigators of the crime publicly presenting true and correct forensic facts clearly showing that a government conspiracy was responsible for orchestrating and committing the murders. But the government has manipulated the original facts, tainted the crime scene, and paid-off the victims families to not question the government explanation for the deaths of the thousands of unfortunate men, women, and children who were murdered with malice aforethought, and the mainstream media and lying government scientists are behind and supporting the government cover-up. This article is intended as a voice crying in the wilderness for people, the American electorate, to awaken to the horrible reality that awaits any and all reasonable folks who will take the time to examine the cold hard facts.

Finding Your Purpose-Once Upon A Starry, Starry NIght

In the early days of grief, I remember thinking “I’ll never be normal again.” The pain of losing a loved one tarnishes one’s attitude. We once thought our lives were on the right track. We had meaning and purpose… and then tragedy. Like others, we put on a happy face so people believed “we were over it”. We tried to camouflage our grief with courage. Things aren’t always what they seem.

When Things Don’t Go As Planned

On June 15, I was ready and well prepared for my scheduled aortic valve surgery. But on that fateful day, nothing went as planned.

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