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What’s Going On in the United States?

A few years ago I had the thrill of visiting Washington, D.C. A “Hop-on-hop off” tram took me around the city while the driver served as tour guide.

The Current Phase Of This Pandemic: 5 Keys

With, over 600,000 deaths, and millions of cases, from this horrific pandemic, wouldn’t it make sense (at least, common sense), for all of us to cooperate with the public health efforts of the scientists and experts, in the area? It never made sense to me, when, some resisted, wearing a mask, making claims, such as it restricted their freedoms/ rights, etc! From an ethical perspective, shouldn’t the greater good, especially, related to overcoming this virus, and its impacts, be the most – desirable, course of action.

A Bitcoin Auction to Be Conducted by US Marshals Service

There is an auction of approximately 2,170 Bitcoins announced by the US Marshals Service that were seized in the course of different federal criminal, civil and administrative cases, as stated by a press release on the 5th of March. The date for the auction as informed will take place on March 19, 2018, from 8 a.m to 2 p.m.EDT. The bidders interested in participating in the auction will have to go through a registration process, along with a deposit of $200,000 which must be filled by noon EDT March 14.

The 2nd Amendment: What It Doesn’t Say, Mean, And The Reasoning?: 5 Keys

Every time, we hear about, another, horrific shooting, which seem, these days, to occur, at a greater frequency, than, ever – before, in recent memory, some people articulate so – called, 2nd Amendment Rights! Some claim it gives them, the right to bear arms, even claiming, it provides, nearly – unlimited, so – called, gun rights. In fact, the gun industry, is, one of the largest, and most powerful, political lobbyists, and, it often, seems, many public officials, have sold – their – souls, when it comes to making, any, common sense, alterations/ adjustments, to make the process, safer, etc!

Voting: Addressing Conspiracies, Versus, Guaranteeing RIghts?: 5 Considerations

Although, one has the right, to support, follow, and vote for, the candidate, he desires, he doesn’t have the right, to declare, the results of any election, to be invalid, simply, because, his favorite, didn’t win! In my life, I have, certainly, seen the person, I voted for, lose, on many occasions, and, while, I was, often, disappointed, and believed, voters made the wrong choice, I realized, and acknowledged, the results! Certainly, it is possible, for some mistakes to be made, during the voting process, and counting ballots, and, every candidate is entitled, to demand a recount, especially, in a…

5 Needed Priorities For Today’s Public Leaders!

We used – to believe, apathy, was one of the main obstacles, to electing the finest public leaders! This nation, which, often, proudly, stated, it was the beacon, in the world, in terms of our democratic principles, and freedoms/ liberties, especially, the right – to – vote, in fair elections, in recent – times, has seen itself, diminished, in these ways, because, of the doubts, rhetoric, claims, and conspiracy theories, articulated, by certain politicians, etc! For this, and many other reasons, it seems, very little, of – consequence, happens, in Congress, etc, because.

Isn’t It Time For This Country To Stop The MADNESS?

Many observers, of current events, and/ or news/ politics, especially in this country, believe, they have never, in recent memory, remembered any similar period, in terms of the apparently – backward direction, the United States of America, seems to have followed, especially, in the past few years! The combination of the high degree of polarization, lack of any effort towards creating a meeting – of – the – minds for the greater good, little common sense, and the abandoning of focus on Constitutional guarantees, and protecting all freedoms and rights (not, simply, selectively), have created, an apparent atmosphere, of incredible, MADNESS, and…

The Delayed Uniform Civil Code

The Uniform Civil Code in India has been unduly delayed. In this article, the author traces its history through the British Rule in India to the present time. It is a very concise and crisp presentation of the various aspects of the Code and hence is a must read for competitive exam aspirants and also for the common public.

Greek War of Independence (1821-1829)

The Greek War of Independence (1821-1829) was a successful war by the Greeks who won independence for Greece from the Ottoman Empire. In Europe, the Greek revolt aroused widespread sympathy among the public and Western revolutionary ideas further intensified the Hellenism of Philhellenes. After a long and bloody struggle, independence was finally achieved and resulted in the establishment of an independent Kingdom of Greece.

Why Public Leaders Must SERVE And Represent?

One of the principal reasons, we witness, so – little, achieved, by those we elect, is, instead of living – up, to their responsibilities, to SERVE and represent, their constituents, they focus, on their personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interests! How else, can one explain, why, we witness partisan politics, on issues/ matters, which shouldn’t be, such as protecting all Constitutional guarantees (instead of convenient, selective ones), public health priorities, quality health and medical care/ treatment (for all), responsible Climate Change – related, actions, and effectively, addressing, environmental protections, especially, clean air and water? All Americans must, demand, from their…

Was It, Or Is It Great?: How About America’s Future?

The most ironic aspect, or former President Trump’s. Make America Great Again, slogan, was, perhaps, the lack of agreement, regarding, what that meant, and, the impact, of using, the word, again, as part of that statement! Using that, specific word, seems to imply, this nation is/ was, no longer, great, as well as, looking back, and seeing things, in black – and – white, revisionist thinking, believing, Happy Days, truly, occurred, years ago!

When Voters Lose Faith In Elections, America’s Democracy Is At – Risk!

After, nearly two – and – a – half centuries, the experiment, our Founding Fathers, attempted, of creating a Republic with the Democratic freedoms, rights and liberties, guaranteed by our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and subsequent Amendments, are being tested, and appear, at – risk, predominantly, because so many, seem to have lost faith in our willingness and ability to consistently, produce fair elections and votes! This is, neither, a new challenge, nor a simple one, to resolve! There are many factors involved, including: political rhetoric; conspiracy theories; errors and mistakes; and the complicated, complex one, which includes, whether, we…

Unemployment Crisis Amongst the Educated Youth

After spending a whole half-day within the halls of IT firms and software companies, Rajat heads back home in the evening only to once again open up his laptop to apply for more jobs and confirm upcoming interview dates. He has been doing this for nearly two years. Rajat’s unemployment predicament is not his alone.

Start-Ups Moving Towards Blockchain Technology in 2018!

Start-ups moving towards blockchain technology in 2018! The first application of blockchain technology which has gained the worldwide attention is Bitcoin, the first digital currency. Blockchain creates a decentralized ledger which works onto the network of smart contracts.

Why We Need To Be Realistic, Or We Will Fail To Make Needed Changes?

Wake up, America, or you’ll never be successful, in your quest to achieve, changes for the better! Whether, it relates to local, regional, national or international issues, unless/ until we start looking at the bigger – picture, without wearing rose – colored, glasses, we will never upgrade from the same – old, same – old, ways! We must demand political leaders proceed, with pragmatic idealism, nothing, of consequence, will occur!

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