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Without Pity

These are the times that try men’s souls. If you really think about it. The times of today where so much anger, hate, confusion and bewilderment about what the hell is happening to our world defies logic.

What Ever Happened To These 4 Basics Of Education?

But, my life of education, hasn’t heart me none. I can read the writing on the wall. These simple, basic lines, from the hit – song, Kodachrome, by Paul Simon, a half – century ago, sums – up, a long – standing, challenge, when it comes to, effectively, educating, our school – children, which, seems to be getting, even – worse, since those days!

Ignore The Hype, And Go Straight To The SOURCE!

Do some aspects of how, our government officials, frustrate you, and even, create the famous feelings, that, I’m sick and tired, and not going to take it, anymore? When you decide, who to vote for, are you, swayed, by the hype, and rhetoric, or, do you pay attention to the science, and data? Instead of, deciding, based on what someone, claims, and his rhetoric, are you ready, willing, and able to go, straight, to the SOURCE, instead?

Addressing Infrastructure: 5 Key Considerations!

For, far – too long, the United States, has, avoided, doing anything, meaningful, about addressing the infrastructure needs, which have long, been ignored, and/ or, overlooked! If, excuses, promises, and empty rhetoric, got it done, there would, by – now, no longer, be a need to address these necessities! We have witnessed, far – too much, decay of our bridges, roads, and mass transit, etc, because, unlike many other nations, we have refused to invest, regularly, on this, in a consistent way!

Wouldn’t It Be Nice?: 6 Needed Common Sense Priorities

How many times have you observed something, and thought, wouldn’t it be nice, and make common sense, to change the way, we do/ approach, it? Since, many Americans, often, consider this nation, to be, the land of the free, etc, shouldn’t we examine, why so many of these rights/ Constitutional guarantees, seem to be, losing their emphasis/ significance? Why do Americans, seem, to be, constantly, electing individuals, who focus of their personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, rather than the greater good?

Why We Need To Reform The 3 Branches Of Government?: My Recommendations!

The United States Government, as envisioned, by this nation’s. Founding Fathers, envisioned, three, co – equal, branches of government, in order to ensure, a Balance of Power, to protect the integrity, and service of our government, and reduce the risks of abusing power! These 3 branches are: (1) Executive Branch, which refers to, things related to the power of the President, including his Cabinet members, and other appointments; (2) Legislative, which encompasses, both Houses of Congress (Senate and House of Representatives), each with specific responsibilities, and authority, etc; and, (3) Judiciary, including, all Federal Judges, and Courts, especially, those appointed…

Critical Thinking: Does Society Want Empowered Victims?

After something ‘bad’ has happened, it can be normal for the mainstream media to assess what has happened through the victim/perpetrator lens. One person or a number of people will be victims, whilst another person or a number of people will be perpetrators.

5 Reasons Some Continue To Refuse To Wear Masks!

You might think, after this past year, and witnessing the horrific impacts of this pandemic, almost everyone, would want to become a part of the solution, rather than, making the problem, worse! One might understand, perhaps, in the initial stages, when, the former President, referred to it, as a hoax, and offering statements, indicating, his denial, and supposed – beliefs, but, at this point, it just doesn’t seem, to make any sense! I fully understand, and appreciate, the syndrome, many feel, which is often referred to, as Pandemic Fatigue, but, on the other hand, being tired of it, and the…

Why Due Process Matters?: 4 Essentials

Isn’t it, odd, that, in a nation, which seemed to permit the former President, to get away, with, apparently, few personal ramifications, despite his rhetoric, vitriol, actions, and refusals/ denials, etc, when it comes to other, public leaders, there is, often, a rush – to – judgment, and the political version of, piling – on? Because, there has been, a significant degree of harassment, in the workplace, which must never be permitted, it seems, there may be a dangerous, degree of equating some sort of less – acute, behaviors, and/ or, language, with, being, a potential, sexual predator, or worse!…

5 Ways To Ensure Fairness, To Accuser And Accused!

For many years, certain men took advantage of their power, influence, or the so – called, climate, created, of considering, a degree of sexual harassment, as acceptable, and normal! For a variety of reasons, including, changing – times, we recently, have seen, a change in this attitude, and perspective, which has, brought – about, what some refer to, as the, Me – Too, movement, where many women, have come forward, and spoken about their experiences, etc! Although, no one, should be, harassed, or abused, and either, spoken – to, or physically, treated, in a way, which offends them, it is…

Critical Thinking: Is The Mainstream Media A Manifestation Of Victim Consciousness?

There are a lot of people who look towards the mainstream media to keep them informed about what is taking place in the world. And, thanks to modern-day technology, it is easier than ever before for this source to do this.

Denying These 6 Things, Won’t Make Them Go Away!

Why, do, so few politicians, even, after election, transform themselves, to statesmen? Why do so many of these individuals, resort to, either, lying, or, denying, rather than, doing what, they are, supposedly, elected to do, which is serving and representing their constituents, and the best interests of this nation? Wake up, America, and understand, going – into, denial, about something, which, might be, undesirable, never makes it, go away!

5 Reasons Some Voters Continue Supporting Greedy Politicians!

After, his four years, as President of the United States, it seems, volumes have been written about Donald Trump, as a person, leader, and public official, etc. Whether, one supports or opposes him, it must be recognized, although, he lost the 2020 election, by over 7 million votes, his core supporters, are, perhaps, the strongest believers, of any politician, in recent American history! However, we also, witness, many other politicians, who, consistently, seem, to put, their, own personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, ahead of the common good, etc!

6 Very Popular Issues, Politicians Still Avoid/ Oppose!

Conventional knowledge, states, usually, a politician, will pay keen attention, to a variety of polls/ surveys, in order, to remain/ become, popular, and serve their own, personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest! However, in recent times, we have witnessed, many circumstances, where, despite, the overall, general public support, of a specific issue, etc, the partisan behavior, continues, etc! For a variety of reasons, this strategy, seems to work, because, political marketing/ advertising, etc, effectively, provides an alternative message, and, because, so many voters, often, seem to vote – against, their own, best interests, creates this political – monster!…

Last Minute Tips to Crack SSC CGL 2018 Exam

The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) conducts the Combined Graduate Level (CGL) Exam for the appointment of candidates in Grade “B” and “C” category posts at various Government Ministries, Departments, and Offices. The exams are administered in 4 stages called Tiers.

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