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6 Things Most People Want, Which Politicians Don’t Do!

Doesn’t it seem odd, so many public/ elected officials, and/ or, politicians, although, often, seeming to articulate messages, which they hope to be, populist (gain them public support, in order to get reelected)? How many times, have we witnessed, the level of partisan – political behavior, which, so – often, creates nearly nothing, needed/ necessary, and desired/ wanted by so many citizens, become a greater priority, than addressing these needs, and necessities, in order to truly, serve and represent their constituents? With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 6 things, which most…

6 Important Reasons Infrastructure Matters!

How many times, have we witnessed, candidates, articulate a message, supporting improving our infrastructure, but, when, elected, nothing, significant, and/ or, meaningful, comes – about? The reality is, much of this nation, especially, the older, more inner – city locations, are experiencing, an ever – deteriorating, infrastructure! This is another example, of, political procrastination, where, many public officials, continously, refuse to make meaningful, relevant decisions, but, rather, put off, until tomorrow, things, they probably, should have done, yesterday!

5 Examples Of Harmful, Hypocritical, Political Spin!

If the irresponsible behavior, and lack of necessary actions, was their only offense, although, it would be annoying, frustrating, and hypocritical, perhaps, even – worse, these individuals, who are elected, supposedly, to serve and represent us (and our best – interests), consistently, make matters worse, by their harmful approaches, etc! In the past few years, we have seen, far – too – many, examples, of this irresponsible behaviors, and partisan politics, which are, generally, against the best interests of our nation, citizens, and the health, and well – being, of this planet. With, that in mind, this article will attempt…

5 Things We Must Do To Beat This Pandemic!

Many of us, are searching, somewhat – desperately, for something, approaching, what, we consider, normal! After, over a year, experiencing, this horrific pandemic, we hope, and pray, for s meaningful resolution, and a restoration, to a time, when we feel safe (and, are, so), moving around in public, attending indoor and outdoor activities, once – again, enjoying many types of events, etc! Unfortunately, lots of valuable time, was lost, when the former President, first, denied and called it, a hoax, then, minimized, wearing a mask, and, actually, articulated a message, blaming and complaining, and attempting to repeatedly, cast – doubt,…

Why Do We Allow Hackers to Continue to Threaten Critical National Infrastructures?

Cybercrime is growing at an alarming rate. The critical national infrastructure of nearly every nation is at serious risk. Societies are ill-prepared, however, to cope with attacks on their digital processing controls. The reader is challenged to learn all that he or she can about how to head off the looming threats.

Customer Is King, But Is He God?

Everything in the world is tailor-made only for people with money, all the natural resources of our planet have been seized by a few people. Other living things do not behave towards each other in the same manner. Everywhere we see the dictum that “Customer is King”. Everything in the world is made for people with money, if that is the case then are we forgetting God or nature that governs our lives also?

The Corruptly Used Power of the SCOTUS Appellate Review Declaration by Writ of Certiorari

The publication and dissemination of correct history by the various American media, and it being properly taught to secondary school and collegiate students, are salient matters that impose a poignant socio-political issue on the viability of the electorate of the republic, those eligible U.S. citizens over eighteen years of age. Is the absence of such knowledge critical for an informed voter to vote responsibly? For example, the history of the federal judiciary regarding the U.S. Constitution’s Article 3, Section 2 mandate stating, in paraphrase, that “all cases rising in appellate status under the U.S. Constitution or the laws of the United States are subject to review, by right, by the federal appellate courts. which include the SCOTUS.” How many of the literate American electorate realize that from the time of the Constitution’s ratification, until 1891, all properly rising federal cases were heard by the SCOTUS as a matter of right; and that it wasn’t until 1925 that the SCOTUS began using an essay contest (certiorari), and a vote-rule of four concurring justices, to determine whether a case was heard? In other words, some very important cases have been, since 1925, denied review by the SCOTUS, with impunity!

Darwinism, Collectivism or the Empowerment of the Individual-Which Way Will America Go?

Which way are we going in America in terms of Capitalism, Socialism and personal freedoms? This is an important question and one in which all Americans have a stake. Where do you stand?

6 Relevant, Sustainable Necessities Which Must Be Proactively Addressed!

Despite, the inconvenience of it, nearly, every expert/ scientist, warns, of the potential dangers of climate change! This nation, and planet, no longer, is able, to merely, deny it, and hope it doesn’t happen! Rather, unless/ until, we recognize the potential ramifications, and, proactively, take actions, and the necessary steps, to reverse the trend, we endanger our future generations, in terms of health, environmental – related matters, climate challenges, freedoms, etc!

5 Areas Where We See False Comparisons!

As frustrating, and concerning, as the lack of quality service and representation, by many of those, we elect, to do so, perhaps, even – worse, is the level of empty promises, rhetoric/ vitriol, and hypocrisy, we witness, so often! In my, over four decades, of working on political campaigns, and community involvement, it seems, this has gotten, far – worse, in recent years! While politicians often, use political – spin, and articulate, only, those things, which support their personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, it has gotten, worse, in recent times!

Too Much Political Hypocrisy!: 5 Examples

Although, for generations, surveys and polls, indicate, politicians are held in, far – less esteem, than most other professions occupations, etc, it seems, we are currently experiencing a period – of – time, in the United States, where this has become, even – worse, and the level of political hypocrisy, is, at – minimum, concerning, but, realistically, even – worse! Instead of seeking, a meeting – of – the – minds, using common sense, for the greater good, we are witnessing, an alarming degree of this behavior, which, is, distasteful, alarming, concerning, and harms the best – interests of the…

Blaming/ Complaining Is Simpler Than Solving!: 5 Examples

After four years, when the President of the United States, appeared to do everything. he could, to complain, and blame someone else, for any failing, while never, seeming, willing to accept any personal responsibility/ fault, an objective observer, should, realize, although, this behavior is simpler, etc, it does not take the place, of perceiving and conceiving of, creating, and implement, a well – considered, strategic and action plan, focused on thorough, well – considered, proactive planning, and actions! Procrastination does not bring – about the needed results, which effectively, serve and represent, our citizens, and nation’s, best interests!

Filibusters: Helpful Safety – Net, Or Obstructive Political Ploy?

A filibuster is, normally, referred to, as parliamentary procedure, which is often, used in the United States Senate, to prevent the specific measure/ legislation, etc, from being introduced, discussed, and/ or, voted on. In practice, it often means, unless/ until, at least 60 Senators, vote for cloture, many pieces of potential legislation, passed in the House of Representatives, ended – up, Dead on Arrival (DOA), when it arrived at the Upper Chamber! Despite the claims of some, the United States Constitution does not mention anything, regarding filibusters, but, when the Senate changed its rules, in 1806, it became viable (although,…

5 Dangerous Types Of The Politics Of Procrastination!

Why do so many, elected officials, and public leaders, seem to procrastinate, when, quality, well – considered, strategic, actions, are needed, necessary, and, clearly, indicated? While, clearly, the usual dangers of procrastination, make matters, worse (at least, often, potentially), when people, in positions of power and influence, proceed, in this manner, it often, creates additional hazards, and dangers, with potentially, dangerous, ramifications! After, over four decades of involvement, in many areas, related to leadership, as well as working on many political campaigns, there are, at – least, five dangerous types, of this, politics, of polarization, etc.

Florence Nightingale – “The Lady With the Lamp”

Victorian-era nurse, Florence Nightingale (1820-1910), was an English social reformer, statistician who dedicated her life to the treatment of the sick and frail. She is revered as the founder of modern nursing and her iconic image as “The Lady With the Lamp,” tending to wounded soldiers in the darkness during the Crimean War has endured. Her legacy made nursing a respectable profession for women.

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