RLCS Fall Invitational | North America | Day 2

5 Key Areas Where We Must Vote Our Hopes, Instead Of Our Fears!

Wouldn’t it, be nice, if our elected officials, appealed to us, in an aspirational manner, rather than, to our fears, biases, prejudices, and perceived, self – interests? Although, to a degree, this may be, as it always, was, it seems, in recent times, it has become, even, more predominant! Shouldn’t we seek, to be served and represented, by individuals, who prioritize, bringing us, together, for the greater good, and seeks to emphasize, a meeting – of – the – minds, rather than individuals, making empty promises, and using divisive, polarizing rhetoric, and appears, to avoid personal responsibility, by reverting -…

2020: An Historical Year Which We Must Learn From!: 4 Examples!

Whether, one considers it, good, or bad, there can be little doubt, 2020, will go – down, in the history books, as an historical year! Many believe, the nation, is, presently, at a crossroads, where, how, when, and why, we proceed, forward, may have long – lasting, relevant and sustainable impacts! The year’s news, was, undoubtedly, dominated by, the horrific pandemic, which has taken over 560, 000 American lives, and millions, worldwide!

6 Things Which Should Never Be Partisan, But Are!

Although, partisan politics, for – better or worse, are a component of the American political system/ process, there are times, and circumstances, when, partisanship, is, little – more – than, playing with citizens lives, when essential priorities, must be, proactively, addressed, for the common good! While, there must be a space for, and the right to, openly, express one’s opinion, and/ or, disagreement, etc, that is far – different – from, obstructing necessary progress, and adopting well – considered policies, when appropriate! There are many instances, when common sense, might, indicate, should never be partisan, but, unfortunately, are!

5 Changes Needed To Ensure More Responsive Public Officials!

Have you ever wondered, why, so many, eligible voters, either, don’t care, believe it doesn’t make any difference, or, feel, they are too busy, to get more involved with the voting process, etc? Why do we continue, witnessing, so many, elected officials, getting, reelected, seemingly, in – spite – of, their actual record, in terms of the quality of their service and representation? What can we do, to ensure, more responsive, responsible, relevant, and sustainable representation, which, aims to address the nation’s needs, priorities, goals, and perceptions, in order to attempt, to better – align, it, with the so -…

5 Options For Paying For Public Schools!

Different locations, regions, towns, cities, etc, address paying for their public schools, in a different way! While, a few, use a local income tax, to budget and pay for the costs, the vast majority, depend upon, revenues received, from real estate taxes, there is, not only a difference, in where the money, comes from, but, how the costs of providing public schools, is addressed, and budgeted – for! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 options, for handling, the financial aspects, of providing, public education (at least, for K – 12)…

Why Rights And Freedoms Must Be Considered Using Common Sense?: 4 Examples

Many believe, our American way of life, and what, we, traditionally, perceived and believed, it stood – for, and represented, is, at the very least, potentially, under – attack! We witness some, manipulate the Constitution, and what, others feel, the Founding Fathers, felt, most important, to protect, under – siege, because of a combination of factors, etc! We are a nation, conceived and dedicated, to the proposition, that all men are created equal.

Why Do Perceptions And Priorities, Differ, Among Americans?: 5 Considerations

Why is it, what some consider common sense, and obvious, others do not appear, concerned about, nor feel the same – way? Why are different individual’s perceptions, and apparent priorities, so, different? Have you ever wondered, why some people, seem to accept things, others believe, are fake facts?

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5 Economic Actions And Plans Needed, Now!

Many Americans seem concerned, about the nation’s present state, as well as future, especially after the level of polarizing rhetoric, vitriol, etc, and excessive, partisan political behavior, by elected officials, when, we need, a greater emphasis, on bringing the citizens of this country, together, for the greater good, by proceeding, to address, in a timely manner, many of the pressing issues, which common sense, should tell us, are needed, now, perhaps more than ever, in recent memory! Decades of divisive politics, and either, procrastination, or political agendas, has brought us, to this point – in – time, when, we can’t…

5 Examples When Political Hypocrisy Harms America!

Are there, actually, so many ignorant Americans, or, simply, do they, purposely, enjoy ignoring reality, unless/ until, it fits, neatly, into their personal/ political agenda, and/ or, perceived, self – interest? Why do voters, allow, constant, political hypocrisy, when viable solutions/ well – considered actions, are needed? How many times have you witnessed, and/ or, heard, a politician say one thing, and do, something, quite – different?

Why Do American Voters Keep Letting Elected Officials Get Away With This? 5 Examples

I’m sick and tired, and not going to take it anymore! This line, from the decades – ago, movie, Network, expressed an individual’s frustration, which what seemed to continue, occurring, and how, many of us, instead of being served, and represented, by our elected officials, seem to be, merely, serviced (and abused/ taken advantage of)! Little has changed, since then, especially, for the better!

5 Things Every American Should Be Able To Expect!

Our Founding Fathers, appeared to, have a vision, for this nation, and created, a document, known, as the United States Constitution, to clearly, spell – out, describe, and define, some of, what they referred to, as our, inalienable rights! The key to this concept, is, believed to be, no law should be created, which violates, rights, human beings, should have a reasonable expectation, of having, etc! As we have evolved (or, some believe, not), as a nation, politics (especially, partisan), has, at – times, and certain politicians, have put their personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interests, ahead of…

5 Reasons, Me – Too, May Have Gone, Too Far!

Although, there is little doubt, every individual, should have the right, to expect, fair treatment, and a work atmosphere, without harassment, many believe/ feel, the recent, so – called, Me – Too, movement, has gone, too – far, at times! The reality, often, is, what one, feels, is harassment, someone else, may not! Although, I don’t know, many individuals, who support, harassing behavior, and, especially, sexual abuse/ misconduct, etc, I believe, we have also, at – times, taken someone’s word, and publicized it, without, providing, the accused individual, with due process, and the right, to defend himself, without pre -…

Why Do So Many Elected Officials Continue Supporting Trump?: 5 Possibilities!

One might believe, apparently, falsely, those serving as public, elected officials, would/ might, by – now, realize and recognize, despite former President Trump’s rhetoric, etc, to the contrary, he clearly, lost the 2020 elections, and most polls, surveys, etc, indicate, his positions, are, predominantly, minority positions, in terms of popularity, etc! However, several months, later, it seems, many of the Republican officials, continue, apparently, following his so – called, play – book! It is, often, challenging, for someone, who disagreed, strongly, with many of the policies, actions, and the rhetoric/ vitriol, of Donald J.

5 Examples When We Have Been Fooled Again!

Won’t be fooled again! These famous, well – known, lyrics, written by Pete Townsend, and performed, by, The Who, should guide us, in terms of, how we listen, and pay attention to those, we elect to serve and represent us, and/ or, run – for – office! Unfortunately, it often seems, the American public, instead of learning, continues making the same mistakes, and trusting public officials, and politicians, who probably, do not deserve our trust!

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