RLCS Fall Invitational | North America | Day 3

5 Things Worth Of Addressing, Rather Than Denying!

By this time, one would think, Americans would be tired – of, the same – old, same – old, lack of genuine, meaningful leadership, from those, they elect, supposedly, to serve, and represent, their best interests! Too often, politicians, avoid, doing what is right, needed, and necessary, but, rather, resort to empty promises, rhetoric, blaming and complaining, and, even – worse, denying! If, we hope, to be better – prepared, and capable, of handling the relevant, sustainable, challenges, into the future, we must, become more responsible voters, and, fully – examine, candidates, based on concrete plans and solutions/ actions, rather…

Do Those Politicians Really Believe That?: 6 Areas!

I am not sure, which is more concerning, that, so many politicians, seem to not care, don’t thoroughly think and analyze, put their personal/ political agenda, and, self – interest, ahead of the common good, or, if some of them, actually, believe, some of the apparent – nonsense, they articulate! Although, many have considered, politicians, to be less – than, trustworthy, in the past, the degree, and extent of this, in recent times, exceeds, anything, in recent memory! It, probably, came – to – a – head, during the administration of former – President Trump, when political fact – checkers,…

The Perversion of Myth in America Part 3 – Destructive Myths

In the last post we considered some of the major myths designed to guide people toward living a purposeful life in Western Civilization. In this post we will consider a number of myths in what is now the United States. They took us in a darker direction and still have an effect on our civilization from the earliest days to the present time.

The Perversion of Myth – A Series 2. Myth in Other Words

This is the second in a series of posts exploring the classical meaning of myth throughout prehistoric and historic times and its current perversion in America. This post considers several ways in which myth is expressed.

The Perversion of Myth in America – Part One – The Nature of Myth

This is the first in a series of posts exploring the distortion of the classical meaning of myth throughout prehistoric and historic times. We will start with the original meaning of myth.

A New Run for Evil

A 2012 University of Texas study is just beginning to receive recognition. It discusses the dangers of the coronavirus vaccine.

Global Economic Shift

In the next decade the emerging energy sources that will power the third industrial revolution will transform the global economy. In doing so they will greatly reduce the carbon emissions that are having disastrous consequences to every economy around the world. The transformation from diesel and gas to all electric automobiles has already taken a giant step toward revolutionizing transportation across the globe.

The Roaring Twenties

History teaches us about past events and the different periods of life and how societies came to the present. “The Roaring Twenties” featured economic prosperity, mass consumerism and carefree living for many. It was a time when many people defied Prohibition and rejected many traditional moral standards.

What Makes Today’s Republican Party Tick?: 6 Possibilities!

Although, the Republican Party, often, proudly, refers to itself, as the Party of Lincoln, a somewhat – objective look, at that party, today, appears, as – much, add – odds, with Lincoln’s philosophies, and priorities, as possible! Until, recently, it stood – for, conservative policies, especially, in terms of economic approaches, while, still, standing for protecting, all those American freedoms, and guarantees, protected, by our Constitution. However, in recent years, it has seemed to transform – itself, to, in the past – four years, especially, simply, the Party of Trump!

Balancing Quality Education For Students Benefit, And Cost Effectiveness!: 4 Considerations

Nearly, everyone, agrees, we need to provide students, attending public schools, with the best, possible, education. However, the difference, of opinion, often, comes – to, how to best, most realistically, etc, produce the most desirable results! While some, believe, there is no – such – thing, as spending, too much, on educating children, others feel, the ever – spiraling, costs, related to doing so, appear, to be, getting, out – of – control!

5 Challenges To The American Political System’s Survival!

For, almost 250 years, the United States of America, and most Americans, have been proud of our government, political elections and systems, and our representing democracy, and democratic principles, and freedoms, throughout the world! However, many of us (including, me), are concerned, this may be threatened, and the survival of our system of government, and its Constitutional guarantees, freedoms, and rights, are, potentially, at – risk! We must consider, whether the events, of the last few years, will be the new – normal, or, merely, an aberration!

Time to Get Off the Sidelines

For a long time, the United States has been a nation of consumers that could sit back and simply consume. It’s time to get off the sidelines and focus on preserving Western Civilization with its roots in Judeo/Christian ethics lest the blessings we have become accustomed to are lost.

Immigration Reform Is Long Overdue

Immigration reform has been an issue for many years. This is text of a talk given at a press conference on immigration held in 2007 in Washington, D.C.

5 Potential Economic Challenges, In The Shorter – Term!

Obviously, the most horrifying effects of this horrific pandemic, were the pubic health implications, both, in this country, as well as the rest of the world. In the United States, we have experienced over 3.5 million cases, and over 574, 000 deaths (as of today’s writing), and the overall, world’s statistics, are, approximately, five times that number, in – total.

5 Examples Of Political Behaviors, Which Make Little Sense!

How often, have you wondered, and been, at least, somewhat – concerned, about the behaviors, actions, rhetoric, and apparent priorities, of, some of the people, we elect, supposedly, to serve and represent us? Why do we, so – often, allow this type of behavior, which, seems to lack, any, true, common sense? Unfortunately, we often, observe, what seems, logical, becomes the rarest of qualities, actions, and behaviors, etc!

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