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The Great Chanting for Deliverance

The human being is the most intelligent of all the species of life on the earth. Man is endowed with highly evolved consciousness.He has a better understanding of the world around him and with this knowledgehe is able to utilize the material resourcesfor his happiness.

Rebirth of Classical Antiquity – The Renaissance

The Renaissance was a period of cultural and artistic “rebirth” following the Middle Ages. It promoted the rediscovery of classical philosophy, literature and art and challenged established ways of thinking. Florence was the birthplace of the Renaissance because of its of wealth, power, and intellect in the Church. Three outstanding figures that had a huge impact on the Renaissance were Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519), Michelangelo (1475-1564), and Raphael (1483-1520).

How To Differentiate Between Real And Fake Facts?: 5 Keys

In the last few years, we have witnessed, many, in, supposedly, public service, and/ or seeking to be, use the expressions, Fake Facts, as well as Alternative Facts! However, while, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, they are not entitled to their own set of facts! Either, something is true and factual, or it’s not!

One More For The Road

In a time of a distant past where the days were filled with less complexity and the nights lingered on in joyous comradery is forever entrenched in my mind. It was a time where the mundane existence was actually filled with pleasantries. Now, after much soul searching I can recall it was the summer of ’68.

6 Examples Of Dangerous Partisan Hypocrisy!

If, you’ve, wondered, how, some public/ elected officials, articulate messages, justifying their voting positions, stating, at certain times, they support, specific legislation, actions, and/ or, expenditures, while seeming to oppose these things, at other times, you are probably paying more attention, than they give the American public, credit – for! How many times, have we witnessed, the evidence of partisan politics, at its worst? Therefore, it shouldn’t be, surprising, so many, have grown, weary, of our political system, politics, and politicians!

Somewhere In Time

As the years keep flying bye memories of the past resurface now and again. Somewhere in time the lost episodes of life have brought a sense of urgency to rekindle what could have been. There have been many chance encounters where decisions made or should have been made forever altered the direction we all take in life.

Epic Ancient Greek Battles – The Greco-Persian Wars

Many historians cite the Greco-Persian Wars as the most important battles in Western Civilization’s history. Classical Greece was influential in the cultural contributions of Western society, therefore, the Greco-Persian Wars are seen as defining moments in history. If Persia had won the Greco-Persian Wars, Athens would have been burned to the ground – the Greek triumph ensured the survival of Greek culture, democracy and the Olympic Games.

Is There A Way To Balance The Needs And Challenges Of Being PC?: 5 Examples

There seems to be, a delicate – balance, between, someone, trying to do, the right thing, and behave properly, and, appearing to go, overboard! Many refer to society’s requirements, as, being, politically – correct, or PC. Some of these specifications are over – due, because of the many improprieties, which appear, in society, especially, as they relate, to treatment to members of the opposite – sex (sexual harassment, and/ or, worse), and how we treat, minorities, too – often, in America, in what appears to be, various forms of systemic racism.

How Will This Country Recover From This National Nightmare?: A 6 – Step Action Plan

To many, it seems, these last few years, have been, perhaps, the most polarizing, divisive period, in recent memory! Although, there has, always, been, partisan politics, in most cases, those, we elected to serve and represent us, and the nation, focused on finding some common good, through, some sort of meeting, of the minds! However, the current climate, in our politicians, and much, of the public, is oppositional, and seems to emphasize, a particular, personal/ political agenda, and/ or, actual, and/ or, perceived, self – interest!

You Have The Right To Assemble/ Protest, But Not To Break The Law!: 4 Considerations

The United States Constitution grants each of us, the Right to Assemble, and to protest, to our government, in order to demand, they make key changes, in order to address areas of potential inequities, etc! In the late 1950’s, and early 1960’s, the concept/ idea of peaceful protest, was emphasized by the late, Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, who, inspired and motivated others, to march, and protest, peacefully, to demand their civil rights!

7 Areas The US Needs To Proactively Address Now!

Although, this nation and its citizens, would, probably, be, better – off, if our public/ elected officials, emphasized the greater good, with a significant degree of common sense, seeking some focus on achieving a meeting – of – the – minds, it often/ generally, seems, the politicians continue, being more concerned with their personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, instead! To many, including me, it seems we must act sooner, rather than later, and proactively, address some essential, needs, and priorities! Instead of, merely, focusing on empty rhetoric and promises, with populism, doesn’t it make sense, to demand…

These Walls Must Fall (2)

All the gates that are standing against you will crash today in the name of Jesus! The gates of heaven – life, prosperity, favor, grace, opportunities, healing and breakthrough are opening for you, while the gates of hell – opposition, failure, disappointment, enemies, sicknesses and death will close. Yes, you cannot enter or exit without going through the gates. Everything about life is a function of gates. The decisions about life and death take place at the gate. Remember the word of God said that the battle is at the gates. And that is why bible talks about the gates of heaven and the gates of hell. If the gates (doors and windows) of heaven open for you, you will be blessed on earth. And if the gates of hell are unleashed against you, my dear you will sure need an urgent divine intervention to survive or overcome. You are where you are today because of the activities of these gates.

Should We Raise The Minimum Wage?: 5 Considerations

In the last few decades, we have witnessed a significant income gap, between, the so – called, haves, and have – nots, in this nation! While executives, and Chief Executive Officers, always made, significantly more, than employees, which is understandable, the margin/ gap, has increased, by more than three times (from, about, 20 times, to over 60 times). Regularly, there are discussions, in Congress, about, whether the minimum wage, should be increased, or not, and, if, so, by how much!

The Old Wise Man From The Woods

Not so long ago in a land far away there once was a wise man who came from far away. A stately man by outward appearances. Silver gray hair and beard to match, standing 6ft.

5 Examples Of Excessive Political Hypocrisy!

Although, there are probably, many reasons, politicans are held, in such, low – esteem, perhaps, the most important one, is, the excessive degree of hypocrisy, is, not only, disturbing, but, for many, seems concerning, and, even, revolting! Although, this behavior, is nothing, new, it seems to have become, far more extreme, in recent times! The excessive degree of polarization, in this nation, and the seeming, unwillingness, and/ or, inability to seek a meeting – of – the – minds, for the greater good, combined with the extreme, partisan politics, and what appears, to be, too many, who, consistently, seem to…

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